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The Life and Death of Ernesto Guevara De La Serna

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Essay Preview: The Life and Death of Ernesto Guevara De La Serna

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Ernesto Guevara de la Serna the future Che Guevara was born on June 14 in Rosario in Argentina. At the age of two Che had his first asthma attack, a disease that he had to suffer with right up until he was shot to death by Barrientos' troops in the forests of Bolivia.

His father Ernesto Guevara Lynch, an engineer, was from a family of Irish descent, and his mother, Clia dela Sena, was an Irish-Spanish descent. When Che was three his family moved to Buenos Aires. His asthma attacks had gotten so worse that the doctors advised him for a drier climate. So once again Guevara family moved, this time to Cordoba. The Guevara's were a typical bourgeois family, and in terms of their political inclinations they were known to be liberal closer to left. During the Spanish civil war they had supported the Republicans. Ernesto followed the war very closely, as his uncle had gone to Spain as a reporter Ernesto knew all about the war. In time their financial situation worsened. Che started Dean Funes high school where he was being educated in English. In the meanwhile, he was also learning French from his mother.

In 1944 Guevara family moved to Buenos Aires. They were having serious financial problems now so Che started working while he was a student. He registered to medical school. In the early years of his study at the medical school he travelled throughout the northern and western Argentina, studying on leprosy and tropical diseases in the villages.

In his last year at the school, Che went on trip through the Latin America by motorbike with his friend Alberto Granadas. This gave him the chance to get to know better the exploited villagers of the Latin America. Che graduated from medical school as a doctor in March 1953 and decided to work in a leper colony in Venezuela. He was on his way to Venezuela when he was put to jail in Peru because of his earlier publication on the natives. When got out, he stayed in Ecuador for a while, where he met Ricardo Rojo, a lawyer. Meeting Ricardo turned out to be a turning point in Che's life. He changed his mind of going to Venezuela, and instead went to Guatemala with Ricardo Rojo. When revolutionary Arbenz government was overthrown by a rightist coup, he took refuge in Argentina embassy. Soon afterword he joined the resistance he was forced to leave the Embassy. When it became too dangerous for him to stay in Guatemala, he went to Mexico. During his stay in Guatemala he had met Fidel Castro's brother Raul as well as many Cuban



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