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Awareness: Mental Illness

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. The media, we were told by our adviser, has a giant weight on their shoulders-- the responsibility to inform the masses. This responsibility has been thrown out the window for some media practitioners, as the drive to sell more copies or to get higher ratings has taken first priority.

Similarly, the Hippocratic oath has been disregarded by some doctors as well.

It's like a bubble burst for me-- a moment of enlightenment. For so long I've really just boxed mental illness as something wrong with the individual, but this view was shattered by the radical assertion of some of the authors of the readings-- what if the problem is in society? This is so blatantly obvious yet all this time I primarily thought that it was just that the "individual was born unlucky" when I do know as a matter of fact that there are numerous things wrong about society-- how we impose opinions on people, how we shoot them down when their thoughts vary from ours, how we calibrate their views depending on what is the current norm.

I believe the only solution is to make people aware-- to make them see how things are not always what they seem, how we must always make informed decisions.

From this weeks reading, I was particularly interested in the quote of saying that we are on a constant search for answers, and the complication that arises from this is when we cannot seem to find one, we make one up. The consequences in the case of mental illness, are grave and irreversible, as evidenced by the study made by H. In our attempt to "find the answer", we are distanced even further from a solution as we distort perspectives in in humane ways



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